About Us

Meikmeiks LifeStyle Images’ vision is to provide personalized services. It is our mission to:

  • Empower the inner (Divine-Self ) and outer person.
  • Mentor individuals on taking control of their destinies; by creating confidence and developing a LifeStyle bringing out your own unique expression.
  • Enhance and transform your LifeStyle; by creating a new and improved image, and empowering the Divine-Self to evolve by turning your dreams into reality.

Who is Meikmeik?

I am not one who relies upon others to define who I am, how I live my life, nor what I am capable of. I set my own standards,  by not allowing others  to make choices and decisions for me.

I embraced my  God given powers of creation and I direct my attention on what I choose for my life. My connection with my true self is strong, I am clear about who I am, I am my own voice! I manifest what I choose and what works for me.

My God given wisdom is infinite. I walk boldly, confidently, and fearlessly in the direction of my passions and dreams. By living my life according to my own personal truths and values which stems from the divine guidance from the Creator of all life! I am forever evolving.

My name is Tamika Knight

Meikmeik is the nickname of Tamika Knight, founder of Meikmeiks LifeStyle Images LLC. Tamika is the mother of four beautiful children. Tamika has been in the beauty industry for over 30 years and is a licensed Cosmetologist, an Interior Designer, and Tamika is also a Certified Life Coach.

Tamika’s life purpose is to inspire individuals by helping them to recognize their beauty within.