Change Your Mood with Color

Red is a stimulating color, this is why the color red is used on stop signs, fire trucks, and ambulances to catch your attention, bringing about the feeling of alertness, alive. Red is a powerful color causing powerful emotions such as: courage, ambition, confidence and passion. Red can also invoke feelings of anger and fear, so it is most likely better to use as an accent color when decorating.



Yellow is the color of sunshine and it evokes feelings of happiness and cheerfulness. Yellow is the color of the mind and intellect, promoting optimism and mental clarity. Yellow is very helpful in easing depression and bringing more laughter in your life.




Orange is joyful, warm, and inviting, invoking feelings of happiness. Orange is an emotionally strong color and is awesome to use in social gatherings and relationship building.




Green has many positive qualities, bringing feelings of peace, tranquility, and a calming influence. Green is also a great stress reducer and brings balance. Plants are an excellent way to bring green into your space.




Blue is a cool, calm, relaxing color. It can promote balance and imagination, as well as intuitive thinking. Blue is a great color for deep relaxation and sleep.





Violet stimulates problem solving areas in your brain, as well as promoting creativity and artistic abilities. Violet heightens one’s intuition and communicates richness and sophistication.




Be sure to test colors out on your particular mood first before incorporating them into your space or wardrobe so you can see how you are affected by them. Write down how each color makes you feel. Then you will know where and when to use each color.

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