The Power of the Color Purple

  • Want fame, gain more ambition and prestige? Use the powerful color purple on the south sector of your house, living room or your office.


  • The power of the color purple helps influence creative and successful children. It helps to enhance your child’s imagination. You can add purple to any wall no matter what direction in a child’s room for creativeness. If your child is ill, paint on an east wall, as it will help improve health.


  • Purple helps enhance your business, such as advertising agencies, art studios, television and film industries, psychologists offices, gift stores, lighting businesses, and florists.  Paint the southeast sector of your space.


  • The color purple helps enhance peace, wisdom, and growth. Use purple in your meditation room or area. The light lavender color is very peaceful. Hang a lavender-colored crystal in the sunlight to cast lavender rainbows on the walls, or you can use a purple tinted stained glass window.

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