God’s Unconditional Love

by Michael C. Evans

God is Love.  What a simple, but powerful, statement.  What a clear definition.  One word that summarizes what God is: Love.   But what is Love, and specifically, what is Unconditional Love?  The dictionary states that “Love is to feel tender affection for someone, to like something very much.”   Psychology Today writes “Love is a force of nature.  However much we may want to, we cannot command, demand, or disappear love.  Love is inherently free.”  Love is hard to define, let alone Unconditional Love as it relates to God.  But we can start to understand God’s Unconditional Love when reflect on God’s spiritual characteristics.

God created Love in that same way that God created everything.  So why did God create Love?  What’s the purpose of God’s Unconditional Love?  I believe that God created Unconditional Love as a means to have an eternal relationship with each of us.  God Loves us because we are of God, and God is part of us.  God Loves us because of and through our Soul/Spirit.  I imagine that the closest thing to understanding God’s Unconditional Love is the experience that a mother goes through upon giving birth to a child.  The Love she feels for someone who comes from her, which she created.  God gave birth to our Souls/Spirits; God Loves our Souls/Spirits.

God’s Unconditional Love is amazing.  God Loves us by choice, not by mandate or obligation.  God’s Love for us is not dependent on what we think, how we behave, or whether we are “good” or “evil”.  It’s not even dependent on whether we show God love in return.  God’s Love is pure.  God shows us Love because God chooses to show us Love.  How wonderful and overwhelming is that; that God decides to show us Love purely by choice?  Once you realize the magnitude of this fact (God Loves us Unconditionally), your whole perspective on things will change.

You will realize that because God has Unconditional Love for us, God is not to be feared.  Why would you ever fear anyone that has Unconditional Love for you?  God is not vengeful; God will never harm us; God protects us because God Loves us.  Those who have twisted the image of God by giving God human characteristics (vengeful, jealous, angry, punishing, to be feared) don’t truly understand the essence of God; God is Unconditional Love.  Don’t allow other people’s misperception and misunderstanding of God effect your understanding and experience with God.

God wants to have a close personal loving spiritual relationship with each and every one of us.  God’s Unconditional Love is always present; it never  leaves us.  We get to make the choice whether or not to embrace God’s Unconditional Love.  Our Spirit/Soul is constantly in God’s Unconditional Love, but we get to choose how our Spirit/Soul interacts with God’s Unconditional Love.  We can choose to fight God’s Unconditional Love and pull away from God, or we can choose to bask in God’s Unconditional Love by drawing closer to him; the choice is yours.  Once we understand and take responsibility for the choice we have whether to accept and embrace God’s Unconditional Love, then we can start to understand the close personal relationship we can have with God.

God interacts with our Spirit/Soul because we are spiritual beings, first and foremost.  The Spirit/Soul, like God, has always existed and will continue to exist; it cannot be destroyed.  So our relationship with God exceeds our human experience, as the Spirit/Soul had a relationship with God prior to our birth and will continue to have a relationship with God far after our death.  Because of this, it is NEVER too late to decide to have a close personal relationship with God through his Unconditional Love.

We have to keep things in perspective by not focusing on reality from our human perspective, but rather focus on reality from our spiritual perspective.  Too many times we get caught up in being human; try being caught up being spiritual.  God’s Unconditional Love protects the Spirit/Soul from all harm.  There is nothing in this world that can harm us physically, emotionally, mentally, financially or otherwise that will harm our Spirit/Soul, and the only things that can harm us spiritually are those things that we give authority to do so.  Through God’s Unconditional Love we have the choice to embrace God’s Love and wear it like a shield over our Spirit/Soul.  All you have to do is choose to do it.

So choose to embrace God’s Unconditional Love and to have a close personal relationship with God.  God’s Unconditional Love is always present and God is always communicating with you.  Some call it “intuition”, your “sixth sense”, that “gut feeling”.  I call it the Holy Spirit.  God speaks to us  through everything around and in us.  God’s Word is always present.  God’s Word is not limited to writings assembled in 66 books of the bible.  God continues to speak to each and every one of us.  All we have to do is stop, listen and embrace God’s Unconditional Love.

As always, Believe It, Declare it and Do!  God Bless You!

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