Spiritual Authority

Spiritual Authority

by Michael C. Evans

Do you know that God gives you Spiritual Authority?  Do you know what Spiritual Authority is?  It is the authority that God has given each and every one of us.  God gives our Spirit/Soul authority over spiritual matters because the Spirit/Soul is of God.  Some would say that the Spirit/Soul is God.   God has authority over all things and God allows our Spirit/Soul to have spiritual authority in our lives.


But what is Spiritual Authority and how do we embrace it, activate it and exercise it?  I define Spiritual Authority as the ability to command and demand how your Spirit/Soul experiences life.  We are spiritual beings first and foremost, as the Spirit/Soul has always existed and will continue to exist after we die as human beings.  So though we are currently in human form, this is not our natural state of being.  Though we have experiences from a human perspective and interact with this physical reality, the spiritual reality still exists simultaneously.  The question is which reality do you choose to focus your efforts on.


I have stated before that when you come to understand that God has Unconditional Love for you that is always present and never changes, it can have a profound effect on your life.  I realized about a year ago that there is nothing in the physical reality that can harm my Spirit/Soul.  No matter how much emotional, mental, physical or financial pain and suffering I experience as a human being, it doesn’t harm my Spirit/Soul, because my Spirit/Soul exists in the spiritual reality.  So what then can harm your Spirit/Soul?


I do believe that there are objects and beings that can harm our Spirit/Soul, and when I say harm, I mean move us away from God’s Unconditional Love.  This is where embracing Spiritual Authority comes into play.  We embrace our Spiritual Authority by believing in God’s Unconditional Love.  We make choices everyday of how we are going to think, how we are going to behave, how we are going to act and what we are going to speak.  It is through these four activities (thought, behavior, action, and speech) that we activate and express our Spiritual Authority in both the spiritual and physical reality.


We can allow our human emotions to dictate our thoughts (fear, guilt, anger, jealousy, etc.) or we can choose to focus on God’s Unconditional Love.  When we focus on God’s Unconditional Love, we embrace the Spiritual Authority God has given our Spirit/Soul.  When we allow our human emotions to dictate our thoughts, we give away that Spiritual Authority and allow other forces (both spiritual and human) to have authority over our thinking.  Keeping our thoughts on God’s Unconditional Love is the first step in activating your Spiritual Authority.


Once your thoughts are aligned with God’s Love, now you can reflect God’s Unconditional Love through your behavior.  You’ve embraced your Spiritual Authority, now you must activate and exercise it.  Many people say that they believe God will protect them, but they don’t behave as though they believe it.  I find this to be the most challenging aspect of Spiritual Authority because we are not taught to activate and exercise the Spiritual Authority that God has given our Spirit/Soul.  If you don’t have the knowledge of and understand your Spiritual Identity/Purpose and that God gives your Spirit/Soul Spiritual Authority, you will give your Spiritual Authority away rather than embracing it, activating it and exercising it.


You embrace your Spiritual Authority when you believe in God’s Unconditional Love.  You activate your Spiritual Authority in the way you think and behave.  You exercise your Spiritual Authority in your actions and words.  When you exercise your Spiritual Authority, you walk in the confidence of God’s Unconditional Love.  It’s undeniable to everyone who interacts with you.  Some will say that you’re cocky or arrogant, but that’s alright.  They don’t fully understand the Spiritual Authority given to you (and them) through God’s Unconditional Love.  So exercise your Spiritual Authority in everything you do and definitely in everything you say, which is the last part of Spiritual Authority.


I have struggled to fully comprehend the impact that the words we speak have on both our spiritual and physical realities.  I have experienced the power of the spoken word by believing in something, speaking it out loud and having the effects of what I spoke manifest itself in my physical reality.  The first time it happened to me it was a little frightening because what I spoke came into existence (despite all odds).  I do know that we have to be careful what we speak and how we speak it.  When you truly believe something (whether good or bad) and you speak it out loud with authority, it is more than likely to come into existence in the physical world.


Now that you understand that you have Spiritual Authority, what are you going to do with it?  I suggest that you use your Spiritual Authority to reach your Spiritual Destiny/Purpose.  God has given each and everyone us spiritual gifts to help people overcome and address the human and spiritual challenges we face.  When we use God’s spiritual gifts to assist others with their challenges, we generate two rewards: one reward for the person for whom we are solving the challenge and another reward for ourselves.  We receive both spiritual and physical rewards when we help others overcome challenges. So recognize your Spiritual Authority, use it to realize your Spiritual Destiny/Purpose by helping others and see the rewards that are created for you and those you help.


Remember: Believe It, Declare It, and Do it!  God Bless You!

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