Manifest your true desires in living your life by choosing to be happy and full of joy.  Live your life with passion and expand your spiritual development, awakening and awareness.  Use affirmations to help you to stay in a positive mindset.

Practice saying your affirmations daily to master your positive outlook.

Believe and know that you make manifest your thoughts and beliefs.

Fill your heart with love and gratitude.  Gratitude brings your desired manifestation into existence.  All things are possible when you believe!

We are creators of our own universe, given freewill and power to be our divine selves.

It’s time!  Time to WAKE UP and see who you really are!  A spiritual being having a human experience!  You are all knowing and able to live a miraculous life.  You are mirroring what you are manifesting into existence.

Be aware of this truth and create!


With intentions of Love,
Tamika Knight

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