Spiritual Gifts and Spiritual Purpose


by Michael C. Evans

You are capable of great things spiritually, but you have to embrace God’s Unconditional Love, activate your Spiritual Authority by your thoughts, behavior, and exercise your Spiritual Authority by your actions and words.  Your purpose is bigger than just existing.  God wants you to Thrive!  Know yourself and let the Holy Spirit show you your Spiritual Purpose.  Don’t be afraid of what the Holy Spirit shows you.

God gives each of us a set of Spiritual Gifts.  These Spiritual Gifts are talents and abilities that are bestowed upon our Spirit/Soul.  Some may call them natural gifts or abilities.  Whatever you want to call them, they are given to you by God. What you do with them and how your use them are up to you.  God gives each of us free will to make choices about your Spiritual Gifts.  So how do you know what are your Spiritual Gifts?

Others tend to recognize our Spiritual Gifts when we are children.  They’ll say we have a talent for a certain thing, we do something well, or that we are “a natural” at something.  When my son Xavier was a young child around 5 or 6, he had the ability to double numbers in his head (2, 4, 8, 16, etc.) all the way up to 16,384.  At this young age he also had the ability to add numbers greater than 10 in his head, but he would add them from left to right, like he was reading.  Both of these gifts were God given, as neither I nor his mother ever taught him those things.  I recognized that these were Spiritual Gifts my son had.

Most of the time we don’t focus on developing our Spiritual Gifts.  Many times we don’t even recognize our Spiritual Gifts, or we are discouraged from using and developing them.  The American culture discourages you from being “different” and encourages and rewards those who conform to the norm.  Our educational system (along with most institutional systems) promotes that children learn in a uniform manner and children who don’t learn that way are diagnosed with “diseases” such as Attention Deficit Disorder” or other mental illnesses.  American culture doesn’t promote (nor reward) taking the time to recognize that we are all individual spiritual beings first and foremost.  As such, we each are unique with our own way of learning and expressing ourselves.  Too often our Spiritual Gifts go undeveloped and become dormant.  They stay that way until (and unless) we awaken them.

The first step to awakening your Spiritual Gifts and realizing your Spiritual Purpose is to understand what a Spiritual Gift is.  I define a Spiritual Gift as “The ability to perform an action that provides a solution to a challenge that someone is facing.”  Here are some examples:

  • God blesses you with a beautiful voice that brings comfort to people when their feeling sad, down and out.
  • God blesses you with charisma to lead people.
  • God blesses you with the ability to comprehend complex math and science subjects so you can develop medical cures.

There are so many types of Spiritual Gifts that they are too numerous to list, but I believe that each and every one of us has been blessed by God with at least one Spiritual Gift, and many of us have more than one.  Ask the people around you what they believe is your Spiritual Gift.  What talent do they recognize in you that, when you use it, affects people?  You may be surprised by their answers.

Once you realize your Spiritual Gifts, the next step is deciding if you’re going to use them, and how are you going to use them.  God gives us free will, so we decide if we will even use our Spiritual Gifts.  Most of us don’t use our Spiritual Gifts even if we recognize that we have them.  Many times this is due to our human emotions (fear, uncertainty, or low self-esteem) dictating our thoughts, behaviors, actions and words.  When we Believe and embrace God’s Unconditional Love and exercise our Spiritual Authority, we can maximize the positive effects of our Spiritual Gifts.

God also gives us the authority to choose how we use our Spiritual Gifts.  We can choose to use them to provide solutions to people’s challenges, or we can use them against people or to take advantage of them.  How you use your Spiritual Gifts is more important than the Spiritual Gift itself.  I believe it is better to never use a Spiritual Gift than to use it to bring harm to someone.

How you use your Spiritual Gifts reflects your Spiritual Purpose.  Everyone has a Spiritual Purpose.  The question is recognizing and understanding what is your Spiritual Purpose.  Listen to the Holy Spirit and it will speak to your Soul/Spirit.  It will reveal your Spiritual Gifts and your Spiritual Purpose.  All you have to do is be still, listen and choose to be guided.

What do you choose?  I pray that you choose to Believe in God’s Unconditional Love, exercise your Spiritual Authority through your actions and words, let the Holy Spirit guide how you on how to use your Spiritual Gifts so that you may realize and fulfill the Spiritual Purpose God has for you.

Remember: Believe It, Declare It, and Do It!  God Bless You!

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