The Benefits of Papaya

Papaya is an amazing fruit that is delicious to eat and great for your skin and hair. Papaya is definitely one of the favorite fruits that is used as an ingredient in many hair and skin products on the market today. It is a rich source of antioxidant nutrients, which provides healthy, glowing skin and is also great for hydrating the skin. Whether you eat papaya or use it externally, its benefits work either way.


Papaya for skin:

  • Apply raw papaya finely ground to a paste on the face to get rid of pimples and blemishes. Let it set for 25 minutes and then rinse. This helps to remove skin discoloration and reduces signs of aging. It also acts as a natural skin exfoliation.
  • Treating dark spots on your face. Mash papaya into a paste and apply with or without milk on your face. This helps by removing and evening out the skin tone which promotes a beautiful healthy glowing skin.
  • For hydrating the skin, mash papaya and mix in one tbsp. of milk cream. Apply on the face for about 20 minutes and then rinse. This will have your skin soft and glowing beautiful and hydrated.
  • To tighten the skin, apply papaya mixed with honey and rice flour for about 20 minutes then rinse. Repeat this process three times a week for results.
  • To use as a body scrub, mash raw papaya mix with honey; add salt spa and olive oil. This will make your skin soft and hydrated.
  • For curing sun burns make a face pack:
    • Make a paste of pulpy papaya
    • Add yogurt, honey, lemon juice and egg white into the paste.
    • Mix all ingredients until the mixture becomes thick, then apply to your face.
    • Wash your face and apply as a facial mask (leave on for 20 minutes).
    • Wash off with lukewarm water.

For hair

Hair care professionals know that papaya is amazing for the hair. It has an array of benefits including helping in creating volume by nourishing the hair shaft. The following are some of papaya’s many benefits:

  1. Helps prevent balding, boosts growth, and strengthens the hair.
  2. Controls dandruff.
  3. Add it to your daily diet to reduce thinning hair.
  4. Helps to remove dirt, oil, and chemical build up from the air in a safe manner.
  5. To add shine to dull hair use papaya as a conditioner.
  6. You can also use papaya as a hair mask for thick, strong, shiny, and healthy hair.

Hair Mask Ingredients

  • 1 cup diced ripe papaya
  • 1 cup diced ripe banana
  • 1 tbsp. molasses
  • 1 tbsp. coconut oil
  • 1 cup yogurtDirections
    • Blend all of the ingredients together, making sure there are no chunks.
    • Apply to damp hair
    • Cover with a plastic cap
    • Leave in your hair for 30 minutes
    • Wrap with a towel to generate heat
    • Leave in your hair for another 30 minutes and then wash
    • Condition your hair and then style

Papaya benefits are not just limited to the skin and hair, as it has a lot of medical benefits as well:

  1. It acts as an antidote for hypertension. The rich amount of potassium in papaya helps your blood pressure and improves mental alertness.
  2. It helps to improve your eye sight when you consume three or more servings per day.
  3. It boots your immune system due to the presence of beta-carotene.
  4. It helps prevents ear infections, colds and the flu.
  5. It protects against heart disease and helps prevent oxidation of cholesterol, which prevents heart attacks and strokes.
  6. You can use it externally on wounds by applying the fruit directly on the wound.
  7. It can also be used to cure chronic ulcers on the skin by mixing the papaya juice with butter and applying it on the affected area.
  8. It contains latex, which helps those who suffer from respiratory disorders such as cough, bronchitis, and breathlessness.
  9. It is great for diabetic and cancer patients since the fiber is able to bind to cancer-causing toxins in the colon, keeping them from harming the healthy colon cells.

Caution: Some papaya is not good for pregnant women!

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