How to Dress a Straight Body Type

The straight body type (also called the rectangular or ruler body type) is the most common body type. The hips and bust are balanced and the waist is not very defined. Most straight body types have a bottom that is more flat than round. This body type tends to gain and carry weight in the torso area first and the in the upper thighs and arms. The lower legs are shapely and are the straight body type best assets.

Proportionally dress the top and bottom of the body while enhancing the waist. Form fitting clothing, such as tube-type dresses, can be worn. Create a waist by wearing a wide, dark belt. To create a curvy effect adding volume proportionately to the embellished pockets and flap pockets.

  • Wear full tiered or bubble skirts.
  • Wear cargo or safari pants with pronounced hips and rear pockets.
  • Wear mid to low-rise waist with wide waistbands.

Create Curves with Color

Wear colors of similar or identical brightness on the upper and bottom part of the body and add darker colors around the waist.


  • Wear a light colored dress with a wide dark belt.
  • Wear a shirt that is light colored around the bust/shoulders and dark below the bust. Pair it with light colored pants or a skirt.


Choose tops with cuts, necklines and embellishments that draw attention and add shoulders while emphasizing a waistline. Choose jackets with a structured shoulder flared bottom and nipped in waist. Jackets that come to the hip bone are the most flattering for straight body types.





Wear full skirts with details or embellishments that draw the eye to the hips. Wear pants with flap pockets and jeans with whispering at the hips. Wear boot cut trousers cut or slightly flared cuts are all flattering to your body type.




Wear swimsuits that create the illusion of curves to the body:

  • Wide-set straps
  • Moderate to full coverage bottoms
  • Light colored tops that are ruffled, embellished, patterned or padded
  • Light colored bottoms or waist hands with ruffles or embellishments
  • Waistbands that are straight across from hip to hip