One-on-One Sessions with Tamika

Tamika Knight is a certified Life Coach and a life long practitioner of helping people become the greatest version of themselves.  As a LifeStyle Coach, Tamika helps guide you on your path, never trying to control you or your destination.  As a guide, she assists you in finding your way. The following is the typical two-step process she will take with a new client.

Step 1: Initial Consultation

In her initial consultation with you, Tamika will first get to know you.  In a non-pressure environment (or via phone/Skype), you will have a discussion with Tamika about how things are going in your life, your short and long term goals, what concerns you have and what type of LifeStyle are you looking to achieve.  This initial consultation takes about 30 minutes.  At the end of this consultation, the two of you will decide whether there is a desire to engage her LifeStyle coaching services.  If you both agree there is a “fit”, Tamika will discuss with you about developing a LifeStyle Coaching plan that outlines her proposed schedule of consultations (frequency of consultations, number of consultations, and times for consultations).

Step 2: LifeStyle Coaching Plan

Tamika will develop a proposed LifeStyle Coaching plan based on your initial consultation that she will email to you.  You will review the plan and submit any questions, comments or concerns back to Tamika via email.  Once the two of you have agreed upon the LifeStyle Coaching plan, Tamika will contact you to schedule your next consultation.