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Caring for the outside of your body is as important as caring for the inside. Your skin plays an important role in insulating the body and is a vital part of your immune system, protecting your body from pathogens. Your body size and shape image (body shape type) is how you think, feel, and perceive about your body. Your face (including its shape, size and color) portrays information about your personality and sexuality, so it’s important to properly care for your face’s appearance. Hair care is important in nurturing healthy hair, which plays an essential part in our overall style. Nail and foot care are important parts of your body’s overall health, as well as playing a role in your style and appearance. The Skin, Body & Face Mode helps you learn how to properly care for your body’s exterior so that you can be the best you, inside and out! Here is what you’ll find in this Mode:

  • Articles and Posts on different skin, body and face topics that are updated regularly.
  • Mods (modules or apps) that you can use to help you in your effort to keep your skin, body, face, hair, nails, and feet beautiful and healthy.
  • Products and Services you can use on an ongoing basis for your new healthier LifeStyle!

Skin Care Topics and Mods: Skin Care Topics

Body Care Topics and Mods: Body Image and Face Shapes Mod, Body Care Topics

Face Care Topics and Mods: Body Image and Face Shapes Mod, Face Care Topics

Hair Care and Styles Topics and Mods: Hair Care Topics

Nail and Foot Care Topics and Mods: Coming Soon!

Current Products and Services: Skin care products and services, beauty productsholistic essential oils, soaps, hair styling, wigs and extensions, and hair styling products.

Future Products and Services: Lotions, body masks , advice on treatments and products selections, spa treatments, total body massages, facials and treatments, facial peals, dermatologist, plastic surgery, permanent makeup, eyebrow threading, waxing, electrology, acupuncture, chiropractor, tattoos, ear piercing, body art and hennas, shampoos and conditioners, hair styling tools, hair accessories, hair salons, hair replacement treatments, scrubs, nail polish and vitamins, nail wrap parties, manicures, pedicures, nail and foot care, and reflexology.